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Written on April 2, 2013, and categorized as Flip side.
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Is it cheating if you do it because you suspect that they are cheating? (ok, I got the answer as soon as I saw that written down …)

cautionI won’t reveal her name. She posted it on a popular, free social network.

I replied:

Let’s look at that word “cheating”. It implies love is a game, or perhaps a bargain. Is that the concept you want to live by? Maybe use a different word or phrase. Like straying. Or, seeking additional sexual partners. Or, shagging around. All of these have very different shades of filthy bastard.

She asked me if I was a sociopath. I said no, I was a sensitive, dark soul. She said, no you’re not. I ended the friendship immediately.

The moral of the story:

Don’t pour your heart out on Facebook! They will just advertise mops and defibrillators at you.


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You can follow comments through the RSS 2.0 feed. Both comments and trackbacks are closed.

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