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Written on February 20, 2011, and categorized as Audio, Documentary, Flip side.
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18 minute audio of Libyan Embassy protest, 20th Feb 2011, on a very cold, grey, wet day opposite Hyde Park Corner, London.


Begins with me chatting to a policeman right outside the embassy. I describe the scene as well as explain my reasons for attending.


I estimate that at least 1,000 were there, but given that people came and went, especially families with children the total attending was probably between 1,500 to 2,000.



I hung around until my bones were chilled. I talked with some people, the best conversation with a Tunisian guy who knew where the coffee was. After 20 mins, I asked, “What do you do?” He replied (looking a little embarrassed) “I’m a banker..” “From hero to zero!” quoth I. We laughed like wise children.


Then he told me about lions, and lion tamers. Coincidentally, I’m re-reading Life of Pi, who makes exactly the same point. The dictator like the ringmaster works through instilling fear, adopting an alpha-male attitude, staring, circling, and making sudden noises; the ring gives the lions nowhere to hide; but when fear is gone, the lions can have the whip-cracking ringmaster for lunch, if they want.



Backwards banner: Egypt,Tunisia, Libya – Gaddaffi, It’s Time To Go

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