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Written on October 25, 2004, and categorized as Secret and Invisible.
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It’s occurred to me that this Blog has become rather serious of late, which I can only put down my annual Autumn blues previously referred to herein. Therefore I want to write Thurrock, Bombashankle, and Mickleherpitude, which are all made up, except Thurrock isn’t, it’s a real place, and it’s football team is here.

Now as for the Big Football Game that took place in yesterday, I can happily say (as a neutral) that I predicted a. that (given there are only 2 teams in the premiere league capable of beating Arsenal) Manchester United would end Arsenal’s unbeaten run, and b. that something in the game would be highly contraversial. Of course, there was refereeing bias. Fergie will stop at nothing…

I glow with smug pride, like a true liberal, commisserating with my Gooner pals and congratulating my Mancy pals. Both of them. Actually, I know 2 Man U fans who were amazingly born and bred in the North West of England, one even grew up in Manchester ! Shock of shocks.

What gets me is how people actually choose their allegiances, which often have more to do with family politics or sudden whim than geography, and then spent the rest of their lives justifying their choices. Call me old fashioned but I’ve always said, support the team you grew up nearest. Even if it’s Thurrock. But since that is a ridiculous piece of feudalism, on second thoughts, I’ve changed my mind. Let’s all just support the team with the nicest strip. Then, Man U, Arsenal and Liverpool fans will become completely confused as their teams all wear red. I will continue to support Crystal Palace, adding Barcelona, and the splendid Irish team Ards FC. And Thurrock and Norwich will have no fans at all.

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