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Written on October 7, 2004, and categorized as Secret and Invisible.
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I really don’t. And if I sound like I sometimes do, that’s my curse. I just have that kind of voice. I can make myself understood; but I understand only on some rare occasions. I squint into the future and it’s almost impossible to tell whether I am awake or asleep, let alone moving forward or backward.

At the moment, astrologers are in a fever of excitement spotting a series of shapes in the sky above us, and interpreting it’s meaning and the possible ramifications for humanity. It’s total conjecture – but once upon a time, so was “maybe the world is round”.

We are living in extraordinary times and trying to make sense of it all is part of the human condition. I used to be sceptical about divination, astrology, etc. I argued rationally and at length against it. After a while I became quite good at explaining it to people, and even using it to make accurate guesses about their personalities, their talents, strengths, fears and sore spots. I also read Carl Jung, and understood better the role of archetypes in human consciousness, and so my rationality was more able to cope with it’s intangible nature. It’s not so difficult to make it work, if you suspend your cynicism.

These days, I believe that personal astrology, when calculated based on time/place of birth, is more than an entertainment; it can help us to understand the changes with live through, both internally and in the wider world.

For reasons occasionally known to me, some of my plans and fond imaginings are fated to succeed and others not so. Anything that makes failure more constructive and success less attached to my ego is a pretty good thing. My directions in life have not been influenced, but my strategies have been adapted by knowing about this ancient system, and this is also good.

I particularly like the ideas embodied in astrology which allow for personal growth not only during the seasons when roses bloom, the sun shines and things are easy, but also when lightning strikes, the roof collapses, and you can’t run for the mud caked to your boots. It helps me to be humble enough to recognise the moments in life when the cosmic signposts are pointing –> somewhere damn obvious – even if it wasn’t where I expected – as they do every so often.

However, these days I don’t much look at astrology. I think it can even be dangerous as a sop to anxiety; it can replace unselfconscious action, and it can get between you and your experiences. But I like the way intellectuals cringe at parties when somebody defends or espouses it… and I agree with Henry Miller, that most marvellous mind, who in an interview agreed that astrology is like a map of the city; at first it’s a helpful way of finding your way; as above, so below.. but you don’t need to keep using it…

“You should learn to forget it… throw it out the window ! Remember that we decide things, and not the stars.”

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