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Written on January 15, 2012, and categorized as Flip side.
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When atheists use logic to confront belief, it really is as dumb as fighting for peace, or fucking for virginity.

Belief is by its very nature non-logical. The basic approach to deal with belief through “rational” argument therefore is fundamentally flawed. God, whether you believe or not, cannot be “destroyed” or removed, except by a similar kind of brainwashing which religions frequently employ.

I am not anti-Science, per se, but I am anti-brainwashing and anti-received, unquestioned belief. When you look not that hard at atheist cant, much of the anti-religion rhetoric falls into this category. When I dare question the sweeping assumptions in atheist pronouncements, I’m frequently categorised as stupid, closed-minded, and ignorant. This is sad but predictable. They make the non-scientific assumption that I must be a God-botherer. But I don’t care if the surgeon operating on me believes in God or not. I just want the operation to go well.

Now I am not even going to go into the numerous revisions which scientists make in which long-held truths are found to be invalid, thrown out or updated in the light of new evidence. That is clearly part of the process. But many atheists are not rational about their choice, they are Science Believers, preferring to put their faith in a Church of Science which requires they disregard esoteric “truths” and believe in human “proofs”. These proofs are very, very rarely proven directly, it’s all taken at face value by most atheists, as read in the atheist bible, the New Scientist.

Intelligent atheists, please get real, and stop being such hypocrites. Generally, you don’t care if your personal battle is against God or not – you just want a good fight. I could be any kind of person representing something you’ve taken against, in the same way certain people hate “all gays” “all socialists” etc etc. I don’t like anti-religious prejudice as much as I don’t like anti-atheist prejudice, and this is one reason I continue to point out the glaring flaws in self-righteous zealots, no matter what side of the belief / non-belief divide they stand, be they Scientologists or Christian Scientists or Science Believers, wherever I find them, dressed in whatever colour.

I want people to be educated and work things out for themselves. I want religious people to be free to question their beliefs and I want atheists to be free to question their non-belief. Is that not far more reasonable?


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