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Written on May 31, 2010, and categorized as Secret and Invisible.
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This is a most appalling massacre. Unarmed civilians delivering aid to Gaza, part of a small flotilla in international waters, shot dead. At time of writing, ten are believed to have died, with Israel’s predictable PR machine claiming their forces were attacked.

I’m finding this incredibly depressing.

I’m disgusted by how many intelligent people are looking away. That is precisely what the Israeli regime wants the world to do – look away, while it removes the inconvenience of the indigenous people of Palestine from the land they occupy. If they have to kill some citizens of other nations as they carry this out, they think it is their fault for getting in the way.

The well-organised pro-Israeli lobby is out in force, and although this is a measure of the extremely negative international public reaction to this event, I think they will find it hard to dissemble this one. Parliamentarians from many countries were aboard that boat and they will bear witness.

I read a tweet that said, this is Israel’s Sharpeville. Maybe. If we want to apply the lessons of South African apartheid then we also need to boycott this cruel, hypocritical and ruthless rogue state, and keep the pressure up until they start to abide by international standards of law, and morality.

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