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Written on March 21, 2010, and categorized as Secret and Invisible.
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"Employing seminal texts, musical scores and paintings as well as key works from the photographic oeuvre, Idris Khan transforms the cool art of appropriation into a meditation about authorship and time."

Idris takes existing musical and verbal documents and carefully prints line over line, obscuring the original meaning and replacing it with an aesthetic one, in the tradition of Jasper Johns but sans pop references and plus eastern / classical. By destroying the narrative, he presents the piece in one moment. He does create  pleasant textures and patterns, but I found myself regarding the art, expecially the floor pieces, more as interior decor – especially with ‘tastefully’ dimmed lights.

Sam Burford does it better – this is his visual representation of the Wimbledon tennis final – and uses three dimensions to represent the fourth dimension of time more provocatively.

Verdict: Jasper Johns.
Score: 5/10

Exhibition details – runs from 17th Mar to 24th April 2010


"I, Stan Koretski…" http://stankoretski.com

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