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Written on January 1, 2010, and categorized as Living, Secret and Invisible.
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I believe in the power of random, and I apply this to my life, with great results.

Unplanned opportunities are everywhere, every day, small, medium and large. Whether you believe there is a cosmic plan, fate, destiny, or whether you think this life is entirely random, you don’t have to grab everything you can to survive. You just need enough, and generally, enough is what you’ll have.

I try to cultivate an attitude of seeing what happens, as much as trying to make things happen.

I don’t abandon planning – or else, how would I eat? But, I do keep alert for chance occurrences which might benefit me.

As much as possible, I keep open to outcomes and benefits which I might not have considered as I imagine possible futures.

It’s like being both a fisherman and a beach-comber. Most days, weather permitting, I fish. I use my knowledge and experience, and the knowledge which was passed on to me to get food for my family.

I also check out the beach to see what the ocean casts up, which is quite a lot of stuff. It means I have to discriminate carefully – what to keep, what to discard – which is good practise. I can’t use everything I find. I pass a lot on.

I like the way living like this relaxes me, especially when I see how anxious many people are about “missed” opportunities.

It’s very difficult to be certain, most of the time, about opportunities. Sometimes, very small advantages have major impacts, yet some “big” decisions actually play little part in the unfolding drama of our lives.

So, I have goals, and set my sights upon them, but remain open to chance.

Even with determination and direction, it pays not to worry too much about conforming everything to expectation, or to over-organising. This is a zen thing, an art thing, a music thing. Patterns will find you, it’s the way we humans are made.

I’m going up that mountain there. I can see several paths, and I’m on one of them, but the route I will ultimately take can only be determined by my walking.

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