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Written on January 23, 2010, and categorized as Secret and Invisible.
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Len Edgerly is an early adopter and lover of gadgets and new technology. I met him first via podcasting when I attended Podcamp Boston in 2007. Len was showing a room full of slightly astonished people how he was able to use Second Life to show people fine art, flying up to view the ceiling of the sistine chapel.

As well as an avid reader, Len is also a creative writer, and his fellow practitioner’s attitude along with his relaxed tone gives his podcasts a well-formed and fluent style which makes them both easy to follow and truly informative.

When Amazon’s Kindle was released, Len was one of the first in the queue and enthusiastically took up the eBook format. Quickly grasping the benefits and huge potential of digital readers, he started producing his well-received weekly podcast, The Kindle Chronicles.

I owe Len a major thank you for turning me onto the format by virtue of his unbridled enthusiasm, and I’m thrilled that my new publication One Way Journey is one of Len’s literary tips in The Kindle Chronicles #79 (episode link).

The major interview in this episode is with crime fiction writer Seth Harwood, explains how podcasting his fiction built his audience, and ultimately brought him a deal with Random House.

You really should subscribe to the feed and check out #80 which will cover that industry changing event, the upcoming Apple Tablet.

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