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Written on November 2, 2009, and categorized as Living.
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British Journal of Psychiatry reports that a diet high in processed food tends to make you depressed, while a diet of vegetables, fruit and fish is, surprise surprise, better for your mental as well as your physical health.

Those who ate the most whole foods had a 26% lower risk of future depression than those who at the least whole foods. By contrast people with a diet high in processed food had a 58% higher risk of depression than those who ate very few processed foods. (via BBC)

As someone who has also worked in a burger bar, I can also state categorically that the processed food industry is also bad for your mental health. I survived it, but then I only worked a couple of months, and during that time I was subjected to the most disgusting conditions, mainly due to people’s slovenly eating habits, bad management and attempts at physical harassment from my low IQ co-workers. It was relatively easy for me to outsmart them but just the same, it’s not nice to set off for a 12 hour shift not knowing whether you’re going to be threatened, followed home or witness the sight of leering sexual misconduct in the pitiful boxroom which stood for a staffroom.

Still, back to the point. Of course mental and physical health are connected – via the brain, stupid!

In my electricity cabinet (where else?) I keep a list of foods which a very kind person gave me a decade ago when I was depressed. I’m not going to type it out, but it’s worth taking with you so I have CC-licensed it and offer it up for you to print out and blue-tack to the inside of your own cupboard door.

Note that it includes lobster and crab, though not caviar.

Foods For Good Mental Health

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