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Written on September 27, 2009, and categorized as Politics.
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Since the exit of Blair, Brown’s takeover at the top of the Labour party, making him Prime Minister without an election has rankled with the British population. His virtues – and there are some – have been masked by dissatisfaction based on the length of Labour’s incumbency, as much as a general dislike and mistrust of the man. There remains a resentment that this man never gave us the chance to choose.

Brown blew his brief chance of becoming a truly elected leader, shortly after assuming the mantle of leadership, which would have given him a genuine mandate, although it would probably not have increased his popularity.

It doesn’t matter that Brown is an experienced heavyweight and Cameron is an untested lightweight. It doesn’t matter that the course his government steered during the banking crisis averted disaster and was widely copied internationally. Nothing he does or says, however valuable or true, is going to rescue Labour who are disastrously lagging behind 8 or 9 months before a general election.

Brown will pay the price not for being any better or worse than Blair, but simply because people just don’t like him, and that is not going to change. They don’t like the way he became leader, they don’t like his accent, his overbearing glowering presence.

Blair was disingenuous, he enthusiastically continued the marginalisation of Parliament which Thatcher began, and ran the ship (like many before him) via special advisors – Tony’s Croneys. Even after the complicit atrocity of the Iraq war, he looked a better bet than the opposition, because, well, he just seemed to be a decent kind of guy.

People want smiles, they want charm, they want Hollywood. That’s why they elected, re-elected, once more re-elected Blair. Even under rightly deserved fire, you never got the impression that Tony was going to rip your legs off if you disagreed with him.

Not so with Brown, the once Iron Chancellor, the sulky pretender to the throne, too long plotting in the shadows to be comfortable in the glaring light, known for bullying, intransigence, and wrath. And who will vote for that, whatever their political allegiance?

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