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Written on April 6, 2009, and categorized as Bass.
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Wonderful footage from Tony Levin, one of my favourite bass players, from a camera mounted on his bass guitar at one of Peter Gabriel’s concerts. Gabriel inspired me hugely as a young songwriter and budding producer. A remarkable singer-songwriter, innovator and champion of world music, with Genesis, he was renowned for his dramatic live energy and love of costume. These days Uncle Peter looks more like he’s wandered in out of the garden shed for a gentle potter through the back catalogue, but I still love him to bits, and his oeuvre is well worth checking out in depth. Biko is the classic, Sledgehammer was the Big Hit, Don’t Give Up with Kate Bush the heart-wrencher.

The music in this video is totally dominated by the bass – you can pretty easily make out the song, but this recording is not a candidate for a live bootleg. But I love these unusual, fly-on-wall recordings, and this is a great one.

BassCam view of Sledgehammer in Monterrey, Mexico from Tony Levin’s Road Diary.

Thanks to Ian Shepherd for the steer.

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