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Written on December 27, 2004, and categorized as Secret and Invisible.
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Britain’s smallest local authority area, the City of London, recorded the UK’s fastest growth rate according to the BBC, and London Boroughs represent 3 out of the 4 largest population increases.


City of London 51%

East Cambridgeshire 27%

Westminster 26%

Kensington & Chelsea 23%

Tower Hamlets 22%

What people don’t understand is that the increase is not due to immigration, or straightforward population movement of any kind. It’s caused by movement of a another kind. It’s the huge amount of


people are having, leading firstly to babies, and ultimately, more people having sex.

Despite collossal governmental and indeed social denial, it’s actually being caused by the uninhibited and unbridled enjoyment of their adult physicality that these lucky citizens enjoy.

Test your credulity. Visit these places and smile gently at the people there. You’ll soon see what I mean.

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You can follow comments through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a comment, or trackback.

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